One of the great things about travelling alone, especially in countries such as Laos, is that you meet a whole bunch of interesting people – both other travellers and locals.

Erica Camille has been my travelling companion for the past two weeks.

Erica Camille

Erica Camille

She’s a destination wedding photographer from New York. And she’s a hoot.

We’ve had such a great time travelling together, getting sick, getting better, breaking down (our transport, that is, not ourselves).

You can find details of Erica’s business at

Dale, Chani and Monica Caulfield

Dale, Chani and Monica Caulfield

Also had some great fun with a wonderful American family: Dale, Monica and Chani Caulfield. They are on a four-month tour which will end with Chani’s graduation in Australia in a couple of months’ time.

The Caulfields are a true travelling family – great people, with open minds and a thirst for knowledge about the world.

Dale is a heli-ski guide and the family live in Washington State, in the USA.

Erica and Dale on our last night together in Luang Prabang

Erica and Dale on our last night together in Luang Prabang

A few people have asked for some pics of what I’m doing, so the pic at the top shows me trying not to fall off a bridge in northern Laos.

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