You like rat?

I’m currently travelling with an American photographer called Erica Camille.

This morning we went for a 5 mile hike along roads, through trees (kind of jungle, I guess) and up mountains.

It was reasonably hard going in places. Great fun but, boy, were we hot. And THIRSTY.

As we walked back to our village, we noticed a little house that appeared to be running a restaurant.

Outside was a huge yellow sign, showing a large bottle of Beer Lao, sparkling with frost, straight from the fridge.

I desperately needed a drink. Erica fancied a coconut. So we stopped.

As we went through the gate, we walked past a man who was grilling something over an open fire.

His wife came over.

“Do you have a Beer Lao”, I asked.


“Do you have coconut?”


“What do you have?”

She pointed at the fire.

He was cooking rats.

We can cook these for you...

We can cook these for you…

This one's nearly ready

This one’s nearly ready

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